Terms of Use

These Terms of Use (“Terms”) are in effect as of October 23, 2020.


The AcademicBlocks.io web application, hereinafter referred to as the “platform”, is an interactive online learning resource and educational platform enabling higher education professors, lecturers, teachers and instructors to create and deliver their curriculum effectively. Through engaging material and real life cases the aim is for students  to increase their knowledge retention and be inspired to be creative and innovative in their field.

In order to maintain a safe and functional platform we have established these terms of use which apply to all activities on the platform by all registered users such as content creators, instructors and also visitors alike.

To be able to publish Seminars, Blocks, Series or any other content on the platform, hereinafter referred to as the “content”, you must also agree to the Publishing Terms. The processing of personal data for all registered members such as students, content creators and instructor is outlined in our Privacy Policy.


By using the platform you acknowledge you have read, understood and agree to be bound by to these terms of use and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. You also agree to resolve any disputes with AcademicBlocks.io through binding arbitration and not in court, and you waive your rights to participate in class actions.


These Terms and Conditions and the use of the platform shall be governed by the laws of Queensland, Australia without regard to the conflicts of law principles thereof that would apply the law of any jurisdiction other than Queensland, Australia. You agree that any and all disputes arising from or relating to the subject matter of these Terms and Conditions, including disputes relating to the validity thereof, and any disputes related to the use of the platform, shall be governed by the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the federal and state courts located in Queensland, Australia.


  1. Accounts and Registration

In order to access, use and create content on the platform you will need to have an account. Some content may only be purchased if you are a registered user and logged on to the platform. You must be at least 18 years of age to create an account unless you provide us with your teacher, parent or guardian approval before registration.

An account can be created using the registration form on the website or by purchasing of learning materials. If you make a purchase without having an account one will be automatically created for you using your PayPal email address (if PayPal gateway is used) and a password will be emailed to you upon completed purchase transaction. You may change password at any time from “My Account” member accessible when you are logged in.

You are fully responsible for all activities associated with your account. Keep your password safe and contact our Support team if you suspect that someone else is using your account. You must not share with or transfer your account to someone else. Any damage or harm caused by your account activity to the platform or any user will be in violation of these terms and we reserve the right to suspend and/or delete your account immediately and without notice. In such case you will not be eligible to make any refund claims and will not be permitted to register on the platform again.

If you like to terminate your account please contact our Support team.


  1. Enrollment and Access period

When you purchase or enroll in any content on the platform you are granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable time-limited license to access and view the content for which you have paid all required fees, solely for your personal, non- commercial, educational purposes, in accordance with these Terms and any conditions or restrictions associated with a particular content or feature of the platform. All other uses are explicitly prohibited. You may not reproduce, redistribute, transmit, assign, sell, broadcast, rent, share, lend, modify, adapt, edit, create derivative works of, sub-license, or otherwise transfer or use any of the content unless we give you explicit permission to do so in a written agreement signed by an authorized representative of AcademicBlocks.io. This also applies to content you can access via any of our APIs.

We reserve the right to revoke permanently or for a limited time period your access to the content you are enrolled in if the content is the object of a copyright complaint, or if we determine that it is not appropriate for its purpose.

Instructors and content creators may not grant access or licenses to their content to users directly and any such action shall be a direct violation of these Terms.


  1. Pricing, Payments and Refunds


3.1 Pricing

The price of each content material will vary based on quality and length. Different pricing during promotions and sales offers or for institution licences may apply. All prices are in Australian Dollars unless otherwise stated in the price and include sales tax.


3.2 Payments

We currently use PayPal as payment gateway for all online content purchasing. By clicking on the “Enroll Now” button (after you have logged on) you will be redirected to PayPal’s payment page where you can complete the purchase using your Credit Card or PayPal account funds. Through this payment process you agree to pay the fees for the content that you purchase, and you authorize us to charge your debit or credit card or process other means of payment for those fees. The processing of payments will be subject to the terms, conditions and privacy policies of the Payment Processor (PayPal) in addition to these Terms and Conditions. The security of your transaction is provided by PayPal and we accept no liability for any related errors, claims or complaints.

When you make a purchase on our platform, you agree not to use an invalid or unauthorized payment method. If your payment method fails and you still get access to the content you are enrolling in, you agree to pay us the corresponding fees within thirty (30) days of notification from us. We reserve the right to disable access to any content for which we have not received adequate payments.

For Institution licence we provide Invoicing and Direct Bank Transfer option. This can be arranged by contacting our Sales Team.


3.3 Refunds

If the content or parts of the content you have purchase is not accessible you may be entitle to a full price refund. Simply contact our Support Team providing your details, the content affected and time of the incident. The refund will not include any other fees such as transaction, credit card or currency conversion fees other than the content price as it was at the time of purchase.


  1. Behavior Rules

You are responsible for your use and all the content and files you post on the platform and to ensure it complies with the laws and regulations of your country.  You are solely responsible for the knowledge of and compliance with such laws and regulations that are applicable to you.

We may terminate or suspend your permission to use our platform or ban your account at any time, with or without notice, for any violation of these Terms, if you fail to pay any fees when due, upon the request of law enforcement or government agencies, for extended periods of inactivity, for unexpected technical issues or problems, or if we suspect that you engage in fraudulent or illegal activities. Upon any such termination we may delete your account and content, and we may prevent you from further access to the platforms and use of our platform. Your content may still be available on the platforms even if your account is terminated or suspended. You agree that we will have no liability to you or any third party for termination of your account, removal of your content, or blocking of your access to our platforms and services.


  1. Use the platform at your own risk

Our platform enables instructors to create and use the content in class or allow other instructors to use the content for their teaching purposes.

Our platform model means we do not review or edit the courses for legal issues, and we are not in a position to determine the legality of course content. We do not exercise in-depth editorial control over content that are available on the platform and, as such, do not guarantee in any manner the reliability, validity, accuracy or truthfulness of the content. If you enroll a course, you rely on any information provided by an instructor at your own risk.

By using the platform, you may be exposed to content that you consider offensive, indecent, or objectionable. We have no responsibility to keep such content from you and no liability for your access or enrollment in any content, to the extent permissible under applicable law. You assume full responsibility for the choices you make before, during and after your enrollment in the content.

We are not responsible or liable for any interactions involved between instructors and students. We are not liable for disputes, claims, losses, injuries, or damage of any kind that might arise out of or relate to the conduct of instructors, students, or any other users of the platform.

When you use our platform, you may find links to other websites that we don’t own or control. We are not responsible for the content or any other aspect of these third-party sites, including their collection of information about you. You should also read their terms and conditions and privacy policies.


  1. Copyright rules

All logos, content and designs published on our platform are property of each individual creator and may not be copied, distributed or altered for any use or purpose without the explicitly and written permission of the copyright owner of such content.


  1. Indemnification

If your behavior results in a legal action against AcademicBlocks.io company, its directors and owners, we may exercise legal recourse against you. You agree to indemnify, defend (if we so request), and hold harmless our company, our group companies, and their officers, directors, suppliers, partners, and agents from and against any third-party claims, demands, losses, damages, or expenses (including reasonable attorney fees) arising from (a) the content you post or submit, (b) your use of the platform (c) your violation of these Terms, or (d) your violation of any rights of a third party. Your indemnification obligation will survive the termination of these Terms and your use of the platform.


  1. Updating These Terms

We may choose to update these Terms of Use from time to time as new features and services are made available or changed. Therefore we reserve the right in its sole discretion to modify and/or make changes to these Terms at any time. If we make any material changes, we will notify you using prominent means such as by email notice sent to the email address specified in your account or by posting a notice through our platform. Modifications will become effective on the day they are posted unless stated otherwise.

Your continued use of our platform after changes become effective shall mean that you accept those changes. Any revised Terms shall supersede all previous Terms.


  1. How to Contact Us

To get in touch with us please use our contact form  to our Support Team.